Zyn Kiryu

Character Name: Researcher Zyn Kiryu

Security Clearance: Level 2

Current Location: Site-19

Played By: Zyn

Description: Petite. Long dark hair, dark eyes, in early twenties. Usually wears a lab coat, turtleneck (courtesy of her brother Dr. Mark Kiryu), and slacks.

Background: Biology major in college, recruited from a graduate school lab. Serious and self-driven, Zyn joined the Foundation a few years after her brother did. She's since resolved to be more independent, and doesn't interact with others much. Her primary Foundation duties involve running experiments involving Safe-class SCPs or compiling documentation (and whenever she can, maintaining SCP-408's containment unit). Zyn clocks hundreds of hours of clerical work each year, due to her meticulous attention to detail and near-obsessive organizational skills.

When not holed up in the Foundation bio-labs and freezer storage units, Zyn can be found in Kiryu Labs running the anomalous item reports and other protocols that accumulate there. She spends some of her free time in the spare sitting room with fellow researcher Riven and his bearded dragon (she is the second backup food manager for the lizard). Occasionally she'll chat with the agent assigned to the Labs, but their paths don't cross often enough for her to get a solid read on him.

Roleplay Appearances:
Site-19 Kiryu Lab - Spare/Sitting Room
Site-19 Kiryu Lab - Experimental Rooms
2014 Valentines Day
Site-19 Foundation Spring Social
Spring Social Scavenger Hunt

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