Yoshihiro Takenaka

Played By: OZ OuroborosOZ Ouroboros

Character Name: Yoshihiro Takenaka

Aliases: Yoshi

Clearance Level: 2

Position: Foundation Researcher. Specializes in robotics. Used to major in chemistry, but quit after an "incident".

Description: Yoshihiro Takenaka is a Japanese man of 28, standing 1.9m (6'3") and weighing 64kg (141lbs). With a rather thin figure, he has dark eyes and is always seen wearing wide rectangular glasses due to terrible vision. His most striking feature is his unkempt, turquoise hair, which he gained after a, quote, "bit of a chemical mishap"; he refuses to go into the details, but seems oddly fond of his condition, despite the odd looks he gets from others. His eyebrows remain their natural black color. He is most commonly seen dressed in a lab coat and black slacks, and always carries a small pouch full of pieces of scrap metal and various simple machines such as gears and screws.

Background: Takenaka has been employed in the Foundation for just over two years, primarily as a robotics, bionics, and electrical designer in Site-19; he also is assigned to examine Safe-class SCPs of mechanical origin from time to time. When not building/planning project layouts, he is usually found reading, writing, or tinkering with the items found in his above-mentioned bag, creating miniature clockwork robots for his own recreation.

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