Yassen Gregorovich

Character Name: Yassen Gregorovich

Aliases: N/A

Played By: Mixam

Position: A field agent currently holding clearance Level 03, working on containing SCPs after a Containment Breach.

Description: Mid-30s, tall with red hair and green eyes. Wears typical agent uniform. Bone and muscle mass are off the charts, and has much higher intelligence than average.

Backround: Agent Yassen Greogorovich came to the Foundations attention from a string of highly violent murders. He was apprehended in (DATA REDACTED) and given a full memory wipe. After much therapy, the Foundation saw him fit for being deployed as an agent. He has apprehended more than 10 SCPs escaping containment. He prefers to keep to himself, and calls himself a high functioning sociopath.

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