Yaroslav Dimitri Radkov

Name: Yaroslav Dimitri Radkov
Known aliases: Alexei Dimitrov, Vasili Petryov
Known affiliations:

  • GRU-P (1979-1991, member of Spetsnaz GRU Spetsgruppa Omega)
  • GOC (1993-current, Consultant for Eastern European Theatre Field Operations, Russian Division - Serial Number 28539001/831)

Sex: Male
Date of birth: 12-12-1957

Description: 1.78 m tall, wiry build, thinning white hair kept in a conservative cut, prone to wearing suits that look expensive, but really aren't (and end up getting replaced a lot). Has a haggard look to him that suggests he's seen more than you. Speaks semi-fluent English, and fluent Russian, Ukranian and Polish. Prone to reminiscing about a time when he was in the thick of it instead of sitting at a -fucking expensive- desk. Amiable as long as he's respecred.

Background: After the dissolution of GRU-P in the early nineties, Yaroslav saw a lot of his ex-colleagues drifting towards (as they called it) private enterprise. A handful of those in the upper echelons went on to one of the several internally competing agencies, and an even larger part went nowhere in particular. Yaroslav instead was picked up, as part of a small contingent of GRU Spetsnaz attached to GRU-P, by the GOC in 1993 due in large part to his familiarity with and expertise in operations in the Eastern theatre.

Played by: CrayneCrayne

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