Xeno Ci

Name: Unknown

Alias: Xeno

Know Affiliations: Prometheus Labs
Chaos Insurgency

Sex: male

Description: Standing at roughly 5'7" he has a slim build. Has white hair despite his young appearance, which is cut short, and usually messy. Speaks perfect English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and most other languages. He is always cleanly shaven, and usually seen in a lab coat. He usually doesn't fight on his own, manipulating people in many ways to make sure they do it, but when he fights he's been shown to be incredibly agile. His weapon of choice is a specialized glove with scalpels attached to each finger, but he has been known to use knives, and in rare cases firearms if his glove is damaged, or useless in the situation. He also makes biological weapons, these are not viral agents, they are artificially created being usually comprised of multiple corpses and other materials.

Xeno has been shown to have a Frankenstein complex, craving to create the 'ultimate life form.' It is unknown currently how he gives live to these biological weapons, or if an anomalous object is being used in their creation.

Background: Not much is known about Xeno, his past in Prometheus Labs is unknown as well, but it has been suggested by him that he part of the group who worked on SCP-534. Any other data about him was deleted or destroyed, just like most records of Prometheus Labs. It is unknown when he joined the Foundation, or under what identity, but he has information on Subjects and Data unobtainable except through the Foundation database.

It is unknown why he is working with the Chaos Insurgency as well, he's stated they are only a means to an end. The full meaning of this is not understood as of yet.

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