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Name: Willfred Wallace

Position: Mobile Task Force Operative – pending permanent Mobile Task Force assignment. Security Clearance Level 3 (Secret).

Physical description: Non-anomalous, white male. 6 feet tall, dark complexion, heavy set, short hair (buzz cut). When on assignment, MTFO Wallace is always observed wearing whatever uniform or attire is deemed appropriate by the MTF he’s working with. Off assignment, he appears to have a preference for Hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts in warm weather. In cold weather, he is most often observed wearing single-colored turtleneck sweaters, jeans and occasionally a beige overcoat. A notable feature is a small scar on MTFO Wallace’s upper left cheek.

Attitude: Quick-witted and intelligent. Does not get easily shocked or disturbed by anomalous events and objects. Pragmatic and reliable in the field. Does not enjoy panicked behavior and tries to exert a cool and calming influence in dangerous situations. On several occasions, Wallace has expressed annoyance with fellow employees' unprofessional behavior whilst on-duty. Wallace exhibits a talkative demeanor amongst others - a trait he claims to have painstakingly developed in the course of his intelligence gathering career (or what he refers to as his "spook days"). He enjoys direct discussions that are centered around exchanging ideas and information. Wallace possesses a marked appreciation for logic and feels uncomfortable with strongly emotional discussions. He's often quick to mentally dismiss those he deems sentimental or incompetent and respects those he views as professional, rational and down-to-earth. Has a strong dislike for cats due to an allergy.

Personality type: INTJ

Notable attributes ((short background)):

- Bachelor's Degrees in International Affairs and Criminology
- ex-police officer
- ex-operations officer for the National Clandestine Service (deployed in Eastern Europe)
- fluent in Bulgarian; conversational level knowledge of Macedonian, Serbian, Spanish and Russian
- above average mental fortitude (Psionic Resistance Index score in the 98th percentile)
- above average reflexes and reaction times (scoring in the 95th percentile)
- not yet permanently assigned to a task force – provides extra man power to whichever task force needs it
- versatile, capable operative; prefers covert assignments
- resents the Foundation required regular mental examinations
- talented piano player

MTFO Willfred Wallace Background File ((long background)):

MTFO Wallace was born in the New York city metropolitan area during the early 1980’s. His origins were humble – his family often had trouble making ends meet. His father - a man of Scottish descent - died in a car accident when Wallace was four years old. His mother - a Bulgarian immigrant - died of leukemia about 6 years before he joined the Foundation. His only remaining living relatives are an aunt and uncle that live in Memphis, TN.

The financial difficulties that Wallace's family suffered almost prevented him from going to college. They managed to borrow enough money to send him to a state college where Wallace double majored in International Affairs and Criminology. After his graduation, he found himself hard-pressed to find a job in his field. After a few months of searching, he decided to sign up for the police academy and pursue a career in law enforcement, most likely due to financial pressure.

After the death of his mother, Wallace felt it was time for a change. He quit the police force and applied to the National Clandestine Service (NCS) - the clandestine arm of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He was hired as an operations officer. Wallace was assigned to Eastern Europe as a result of his heritage and his knowledge of Slavic languages. His primary duty was to gather intelligence on suspected terrorist smuggling networks that ran through the region.

Wallace attracted the attention of the Foundation in the summer of 2012. He was assigned to assist in Europol's initial intelligence gathering operations on the Burgas bus bombing. Thanks in part to his effort, European Union law enforcement agencies managed to connect the bombing to Hezbollah. This, in turn, eventually led to the EU's voting to list the military branch of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Wallace was contacted by a Foundation headhunter around the end of 2012.

As part of recruitment procedure, Wallace was subjected to an array of physical and mental evaluations. He scored in the normal to slightly above average range on almost every test. However, he scored exceptionally well in two areas. The first was reaction time, showing far above average reflexes that place him in the 95th percentile. The second was his Psionic Resistance Index score, placing him in the 98th percentile. Plainly said, MTFO Wallace possesses an unusually high level of mental fortitude and exceptional reflexes.

After his recruitment, Wallace was assigned to a field agent position. He mostly participated in covert missions involving infiltration, monitoring, and undercover work. Most of his early activity with the Foundation took place in densely populated urban centers. He was promoted to MTFO relatively recently and has yet to be assigned a permanent MTF designation.

Currently, MTFO Wallace helps different task forces that require extra man power with certain field work. While he has proven to be capable and versatile in the field by contributing to combat and containment missions alike, Wallace appears to have a predilection for covert assignments.

Note: MTFO Wallace holds a clean Foundation record. However, he has expressed severe displeasure to the regular, mandatory mental evaluations he must take as a Foundation employee. MTFO Wallace’s sessions should be under observation. If his attitude problem towards this Foundation policy grows worse, it may warrant black marks on his otherwise unmarred behavioral history.


- Dr. Alice Erdrich: "Had a consultation with her about 1155. She knows her stuff. No-nonsense and professional. I respect that. I also talked to her on Valentine's day. She gave me good advice on the sort of pet I should get."

- Dr. Artyom Binderman: "Nice guy. Good sense of humor. I hope he can keep a secret. The conversation I had with him could land me in hot water."

- Dr. B-166ER: "I met this thing at the Valentine's day event. Seems relatively harmless, but somebody's been letting this android run around doing things it shouldn't be doing. I'm going to find out who's been breaching containment and I'm going to wring their neck."

- Brad Gibson: "Briefly met him in the armory during a containment breach. Has this penchant for interrupting me mid-sentence."

- Dr. Bright: "The guy that handled my yearly performance review. I have no idea what to make of him. At least I didn't get dragged away by security or shot like a bunch of other people that were reviewed by him - a personal point of pride."

- Dr. Candace Beatrice Kiergen: "I barely know her. From what I hear, she's a bit… eccentric. She's had a couple of run-ins with Klemperer. I saw one of them at the spring social. Sounded like a pretty dumb argument to me. They'll work it out eventually, I think."

- Dr. Cheftzibah Jackson: "A shrink. Likes cats. The perfect storm of annoyance."

- Dr. Chelsea Elliot: "She's a botanist that came to talk to me at the Valentine's day thing. She's really nice and told me about this weird nuclear plant thing. I didn't understand all of what she said, but what I did sounded awesome. She came by to visit me in my room and heard me play the piano as well."

- Agent Cowboy: "I sparred with the old man and I thoroughly got my ass kicked. I also talked to him at the Valentine's day thing. I get the hunch he's forgotten more about the Foundation than I'll ever learn. I respect him and I should try to pick up as many tips from him as I can."

- Dr. Daniel Aeslinger: "Another shrink, so he's not one of my favorite people. But I have a grudging respect for him. He's quite professional and genuinely seems to be concerned for his patients."

- Dr. Daniel Trykoffski: "I heard rumors that this guy had a dream that involved me. Weird."

- Dr. James Bergman: "A subject of his almost got me killed. Twice. In the span of a few minutes. And it set fire to part of the facility. I'm not exactly thrilled by that, needless to say."

- Jason Dodridge: "Very professional, even though he sounds like kind of a hardass. Gave me some good advice when I needed to replace my sidearm. Also, he beat the crap out of some weird scip that made its way inside the armory. That alone has earned my respect."

- Research Assistant Kirsty Bolomey: "Met her at the Valentine's day event. Genuinely charming. She took a nasty fall. I hope she's alright."

- Agent Robert Parker: "An agent from the U.I.U. He was caught snooping around the site during the Valentine's day thing - that's where I met him. I managed to get him out of that spot of trouble in exchange for him acting as a mole within the U.I.U. He's a funny guy. Hopefully, he can feed the Foundation some worthwhile intel quicker than the FBI higher-ups have in the past."

- Dr. Werner Klemperer: "Vern comes off as a bit abrasive, but he's not all that bad when you get to know him. He's actually fairly intelligent and he seems to take pride in his work, so I think that makes up for his less-than-friendly attitude towards some people."


- Dr. Cheftzibah Niss Jackson's Office: "This is one of my evaluations. My first recorded activity with the Foundation. Not exactly a shining moment."

- Training with the Cowboy: "The old man kicked my ass. But his advice went towards significantly improving my hand-to-hand combat."

- Yearly Performance Review: "I got evaluated by Dr. Bright and survived. Hallelujah."

- Site breach!: "I almost got disemboweled by a magical fox creature after willingly putting my gun down. Just… don't ask…"

- Two Foundation members walk into a bar...: "I got roped into this weird morale boosting program that the Foundation organized. I still hang around that bar every now and then. Stop over sometime and we'll have a pint."

- Valentine's Day Containment: "I was at that speed dating thing we had. It was pretty fun and I got a few laughs out of it. I got to talk to an old man, a vet, and a research assistant. I was also visited by an android, a botanist, and a FBI agent. No, I'm not kidding. Yes, I'm dead serious."

- Dr. Bergman's job: "Wanna find out how I almost got my face melted off? Well, this is your chance, you sadist."

- Veterinary Services and Anomalous Animal Consultation: "I met Dr. Erdrich here. She set me on the right path regarding 1155. Maybe I'll go and visit her again to show her the pet fish I'm planning on buying…"

- Site-19 personnel psychological evaluations: "I got evaluated by Dr. Aeslinger. Fun times."

- The Armoury: "I came in here to switch out my sidearm. I met a guy named Dodridge. We ended up electrifying some sort of half-human, half-dragon's privates. Needless to say, a good day was had by everyone. I still hang around the armory every now and then."

- Site-19 personnel housing facilities: "I live here at the moment. If you want to talk to me about something or if you're looking to waste some time, stop by after work hours and we'll chat."

- Site-19 Foundation Spring Social: "I went to the social the Foundation held marking the start of spring. It was an alright party, though some of the things on the refreshments table weren't really my style. Oh, I also partnered up with Klemperer to participate in the scavenger hunt. That was a lot of running around, but the riddles were fairly fun and creative."

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