Agent Micheal Louis

Character Name: Micheal "Mike" Louis

Aliases: Micheal, Mike, Loui

Played by: MichiganDatabase

Position: Field Agent currently holding a Level 5 clearance, stationed at Site 19, Formerly known as "Codename Michigan"

Description: 5"11, 35-40 years of age, Minor scarring to the lower face, Male, of Serbian descent, darkish blonde hair, light blue eyes (may change to yellow), wearing a jersey of the NFL team "Philadelphia Eagles" and light brown pants, slight limp in left leg, shoes resembling the slippers of shaolin monks, plain blue cap, pale white skin

Background: Born in Pristina, Serbia, in 1971. Was abandoned at age of 7. It cause Micheal severe psychological trauma, which caused him to come to the Foundations attention. He was able to lift solid objects with no viewable straining of his temple or forehead. Was contained at Site 06 for 24 years under the codename "Michigan". Was released due to the concern of his mental state. Was placed in therapy for 10 years and after 12 years of training was appointed the status of Field Agent. He is now granted Level 5 clearance and is known as one of the most reliable field agents in the Foundation. He enjoys watching NFL. He also enjoys the company of Dr. Calla Tameal due to her conducting many psych evals on him as a child.

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