Verisch Data Expunged

name: Verisch [DATA EXPUNGED]

AGE: --
skin type:pale
hair: subjects hair is to be shaven at all times that sex is not to be known

BACKGROUND: subjects sex and or age race, origin will not be disclosed as well as last or middle name.
subject was discovered at the finding of SCP-002 subject's family was
terminated after direct contact with SCP-002 along with the remnants of the village after
the clean sweep by A collection squad of SCP security personnel led by General Mulhausen
to ensure no outside knowledge of the object before its transport to SCP facility [DATA EXPUNGED].
subject was spared termination as subject verisch [DAT EXPUNGED] has shown immunity to SCP-002
psychological effects and radiation and sent to SCP facility [DATA EXPUNGED]
for further testing. subject verisch [DATA EXPUNGED] apon re nomination for humane euthanasia by
SCP security personnel subject verisch [DATA EXPUNGED] desperately pleaded for [DATA EXPUNGED]'s life and began to frantically
confess [DATA EXPUNGED] skills in combat engineering and the medical and tech fields as [DATA EXPUNGED] was drug by 3 SCP security personnel to be euthanized it was taken to consideration on a whim by an off site level 0-005 administrator and approved after standard SCP omni staff test's that [DATA EXPUNGED] would be part of the foundation with the exception
[DAT EXPUNGED] never leaves the foundation or makes contact with the outside world.

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