Vance Landren

Character Name: Vance Landren

Aliases:Vance, "The Hunter"

Position: GOC Assault Team Operative

Description: A tall, middle aged male with bright blue eyes, auburn hair, and pale skin. His facial features seem asymmetrical, with things not lining up as they normally should. One tooth has been replaced with a golden filling and one hand has talons instead of fingers due to exposure to SCP-212. His clothing is normal for a person of high stature, other than his jacket which is made of a mysterious type of cloth and his mysterious metal collar.

Background: Vance was never social in his life, preferring only to speak with his so called "imaginary friend" Albert. People always remarked at how he was never quite right, either due to his asymmetry or his insistence that Albert was always right there, watching him and telling him what he could have done or what is to be done. Things got, interesting, at the age of 17. One day family friends came over to see his parents and found them butchered, with Vance standing over them with a hunting knife his father had given him on his fourteenth birthday.

"Albert told me to do it, he said they needed to die!" These were Vance's last words before being sent to death row for the murder of Rex and Goldanna Landren. Vance was then recruited into the Foundation with the tag of D-2459 while under assignment at Site 17. It was at this point Albert had gotten really vocal. Always suggesting, quite forcefully, that Vance should break multiple SCPs out of containment. Vance resisted and many researchers and D class thought he was unfit to continue his work. He insisted that he continue to help, so that these dangerous things would never see the light of day. No one listened.

Vance was set for termination, just a simple lethal injection and it would be done. Right before he could be killed, right before the needle could pierce his skin, Dr. Alto Clef breached Site 17 to terminate SCP-239. In the ensuing chaos, Albert saw his chance. By projecting his will into the material world, Albert was able to free Vance from his bonds and send the needle flying across the room. Vance took this chance and ran, he ran as fast as he could while avoiding the escaped SCPs and Security forces. Once out, Vance vowed to find a way to destroy every SCP he could, no matter the consequence. Of course Albert could not allow this and he forced Vance against a wall. Luckily, before being crushed, Vance found some of the Telekill alloy. He struggled to reach it, as Albert's power was immense. But he reached it, and when he picked it up, Albert was gone. The voice in Vance's head was finally gone and he had his own free will.

Currently, Vance is one of the leading hunters of the Global Occult Coalition. He has numerous kills and is known for hunting with a modified longbow that allows for an always silent weapon. The bow itself is outfitted with numerous enhancements that allow for a longer range and speed. He had the telekill alloy he picked up fashioned into a collar that keeps the voice and will of Albert out of his head, and it leaves his mind clear of any conviction when hunting. Wether it is an SCP or a person of interest, Vance can and will hunt them for the betterment of humanity.

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