Unit FR

Designation: Unit Fast Recovery

Played by: Hankolijo

Duties: Unit FR is BSCA's main force for SCP containment, retrieval and delivery. When an anomaly has been confirmed in a BSCA involved country (Or country located in North-West Europe) by Unit AI, Unit FR is dispatched for immediate containment of said anomaly.
In case an anomaly proves to be too powerful for handling by Unit FR, Unit FR-Omega is to be sent to the scene, for containment, and/or termination purposes.

Note: After the events of [REDACTED], Unit FR has been turned into Units FR 1-3, allowing the containment and delivery of multiple SCP's at the same time. Unit FR-Omega has been divided into Units FR-Omega 1-2, allowing containment of multiple high threat level SCP's at once.

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