Wolfgang 'Operator' Friedman

Character Name: Wolfgang "Operator" Friedman
Aliases: Operator, Wolf, Wolfgang, Friedman
Played by: Jett Phillips
Position: MTFC of the team Omega-7 ('Zombie Crackdown'). Holds a Level 4 Security Clearance for any and all information on SCPs he may be sent to deal with in the field upon request.
Description: Height: 188cm Mass: 90kg Age: 39 years Build: Muscular, averaged sized Physical Features: Long brown hair, usually put into a ponytail during operations. Scruffy dark beard and mustache. Gray eye color, missing the right eye, wears an eye patch over said eye. Large scar running up from chin to forehead straight through right eye along with a scar on the bridge of the nose as well. Robotic prosthetic on his left arm from below the elbow down. Large scar around the area of the attachment. The prosthetic is a red skeletal-like fully functioning hand and forearm with synthetic muscles crated from ██████ ██████████ and is covered in a synthetic sleeve which contains billions of nerve-like circuitry which is connected to the prosthetic and then wired through the the nervous system to allow the prosthetic to mimic the sense of texture, pain(which can be disabled) and temperate among the other things a regular arm can feel. The sleeve can be camouflaged along with the rest of his gear according to his operation environment. He also takes advantage of a custom loading vest with tactical belt that can be easily camouflaged due to the synthetic fibers made from optical fibers which can change color on demand, (this is included in the sleeve as well). During operations, he also attaches a tri-optical camera like object to his eyepatch, which uses two stapes and a wire to be attached to a port-like apparatus secured to his skull and fed into his Visual Cortex, allowing him to take advantage of a telescopic, FLIR and augmented vision modes. He uses a modified custom Ukrainian Vepr with integrated ballistics computer wirelessly linked to his eyepatch-mounted optic, loaded with custom made 7.62x39mm that come in two variants depending on the operation: High-Velocity Airburst rounds that explode into brilliant shrapnel airblasts within a 2 meter kill radius of marked targets, (will not detonate if target is left unmarked), or FMJ High-Velocity antipersonnel rounds that explode upon entering the body of a marked target and are meant to pierce body armor before detonating.
When not on operations, Tomas favors tight fitted short sleeved shirts and dark cargo pants, along with the sleeve for his prosthetic, and a long light brown trench coat with a high collar which conceals his multiple pistol holders containing 2 .45 long colt revolvers, two .45 ACP handguns, and two 10mm Auto handguns, along with two Bowie knives strapped to both sides of his hips. In multiple mental evaluations, he has been proven to show over-compensation due to PTSD from combat in the Middle East. He also takes advantage of para cord to create things like lanyards and wristbands for ID batches and watches respectively.
Background: Wolfgang Friedman was born in Munich, Germany in 1975, and later moved to Texas, US to live with extended family after his family suffered from a financial disaster, and had both parents laid off at the age of 10. He speaks fluent German and English, with much of his original German accent near inexistent. From the age of 5, Wolfgang showed much affinity for technology and taking things apart, often punished for taking apart things such as TV remotes, cameras, and phones. He was also good at understanding basic math, and began to write up equations to better understand daily phenomena for a young naive child, such as why something cost a certain amount of Euros, or why the mail man came at the time he did, and so on and so forth. Upon moving to America, he attended a public school in the city of Fort Worth, where he was excessively bullied by fellow peers due to his accent and affinity for mathematics and general handiness. By Highschool, he managed to finally lose his accent. At the age of 14, he began welding in his father's garage, who was an engineer. He took a great interest in remote controlled robotics arms he designed. And at the age of 16, he handled his first computer at his father's part time IT job. He was so fascinated by this that he went on to program his own microchips into his robotic arms, programming them to open doors, hand him tools, etc. He did all of this in secret, without ever showing his parents. In addition to his interest in robotics, he took up interest in the military at the age of 12, which motivated him to experiment in creating firearms at the age of 13, (however he only had enough supplies to create the actual weapon, but not the materials to create ammunition.) In addition to his love of machines and mathematics, he also took a strong interest in biology, and excelled in that as well. At the age of 17, he was a quiet and mainly silent fellow, talking only to close friends, who even then still did not know of his talents. His school held a science fare near the end of the second semester, which was when his entire community learned of one of his many creations. A simple robotic arm, fulling functioning and could move like a human hand. He used guitar stings he collected over the years to intertwine them together to create artificial muscles, and used specialized heat-treated plastic to mimic the feel and appearance of human skin. He won first place, and a academic scholarship in engineering. He became vastly popular for his whole senior year and was last at his graduation, which he requested, so he could say his last words to his community before leaving after everyone else, as a symbol of courtesy. He later went on to graduate with multiple Masters in Engineering and Programming, at the age of 30. Out of college, and out of money, he decided to pursue long time dream, to join the military. To him it didn't matter what military, so long as he got to be in one. So, he enlisted with the US Army in 2005, and was deployed to the Middle East. Because of his skills, he was trained to be a combat engineer, and a specialist in explosives and defusing, along with hand-to-hand CQC. Upon being deployed, he immediately took advantage of his surroundings, taking apart his M4A1 and resembling, (not field-stripping, full disassembling and reassembly) multiple times and managing to get an overall fasted time of 1 minute and 57 seconds. He was also a natural born leader, climbing the chain of command to Sergeant within only 2 years. However, in 2008, his unit suffered a major loss. While in a convey en route to their new FOB, (Forward Operating Base), his convey was destroyed by multiple roadside IEDs. While his convoy was in flames, his unit also took fire from an unknown source. Amazingly unscathed he managed save his entire squad, half of his whole unit from their flaming HUMVEES and laid down enough supporting fire to safely have all of his surviving comrades MEDEVAC'd(Medical Evacuation) out of the area, while staying behind. Using survival techniques he learned in basic training and conducting multiple solo raids on nearby enemy camps to avenge his fallen comrades. He grew distasteful of his M4, and took advantage of enemy AK-47's, from which he modified to his own liking with a ballistics computer and NV/RDS, (Night Vision/ Red Dot Sight). After succeeding in this, he hiked a full 35km to his FOB, and arrived while everyone believed him to be MIA, (Missing in Action). He visited his fellow comrades in their medical beds, and cried to the sight of those who died due to complications. Following his arrival, he was promoted to the rank of Major, and was transferred to the Army Rangers. He lead a highly skilled Sapper squad through multiple urban combat and EOD missions until 2010, when he gained Foundation attention. Leading what was believed to be a simple urban operation, was far from simple. He and his team stumbled across an undercover MTF disguised as fellow Rangers, up against a Chaos Insurgency proxy group, believed to be in possession of samples of SCP-008. His entire squad wiped out, and sustained an injury to his right eye after it was grazed by debris. He and the surviving MTFs survived wave after wave of undead city dwellers, Chaos Insurgents, and the worst of all, his former squad. He was informed by the MTF to report any direct contact between bite to any part of his body, and that any kind of similar injury would cause infection into 'one of them'. Half way to the MTF extraction point, they were split up and separated. Wolfgang suffered a bite to his left hand when attacked in an abandoned alleyway. He made the rash decision after half a minute of uncertainty to amputated his arm from under the elbow down to ensure he would not be infected. He quickly wrapped the wound and continued on to the sound of a chopper. Upon arrival, he was searched and knocked out and brought aboard. He was taken to site ██ for interrogation and a medical examination. He was commended by the surviving MTFs for his bravery and usefulness in the field. He was given a choice, either be given Class █ amnesiacs and given a new identity and set of implanted memories, or to be pronounced officially KIA to his Ranger superiors and family and become an MTF. He hesitantly took the latter, realizing just how crazy his life had become. Within 3 years of being a member, he created a cybernetic replacement for his left arm and an advanced tri-optical eyepiece to replace his damaged right eye, along with a rather feared beard-mustache-and-eyepatch combination. He also gained the nickname 'Operator' due to his elite attitude and proficiency in the field, along with all of his technologically advanced self-customized gear. He currently serves as head of security at site ██, and commander of MTF team Omega-7 ('Zombie Crackdown'), dabbling mainly in the cases of containment breaches of SCP-008 and other biological hazardous materials, specializing in combat engineering.

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