Todd Special Menu

Character Name: Todd Special Menu

Aliases: "Todday"

Played By: The new guy, IamYurHuzband (Actually The Dream Man)

Occupation: Level-0 cafeteria cook at Site-17 and dedicated member of the SCP Foundation's "Da Best Cooks in da Foundation" club.

Description: Todd Menu proudly stands over his clubmates at 5'9, and is somewhat overweight for a 28 year old at 210 pounds. Born from Canadian blood, Todd bears an auburn 5 o'clock shadow, brown eyes, and brown hair. He occasionally uses prescription eyeglasses when needed (i.e. attempting to precisely put the same amount of salt on each pretzel). He is described by others as immature, humorous, confident, persistent, and smug.

Background: Todd "Todday's" Special Menu is a Level-0 cafeteria cook for the Foundation, employed as cafeteria cook of Site-17.

Being hired by the Foundation for his expert culinary skills Todd religiously brags to his "top-secret club" in Site-17, commonly known as "Da Best Cooks in da Foundation", telling them on end how many times he saved his knowledgeable, albeit careless instructor from accidentally cutting her finger off and placing it inside a chicken olive capier souffle, and how he seduced a fellow classmate by "telling her how much better it is when you replace the lollipop with mua".

Currently, Todd is single, and enjoys playing the cello, drums, clarinet, trumpet, stylophone, and marimba. He enjoys going outside, observing the environment around Site-17 during break time. He also practices his cello during break, and has volunteered many times to play during lunch, with growing support from other employees.

Outside of work, Todd used his spare time in the industrial district of Vancouver, mixing potassium nitrate with charcoal and sulfur in small jar labeled "instant barlockley (a canadian dish)", in which he would throw to the ground, activating the volatile cocktail inside the jar in an attempt to make food instantly and with little effort. He also possesses a large collection of comic books and items, and willingly trades with other employees and participates in tournaments (i.e. the Foundation Magic tournament of 2010).

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