T.M. Stork

Character Name: T.M. Stork

Aliases: Tiberius Maximilian Stork, Max, "The Mad Stork", James O. Incandenza

Played By: TheMadStork

GOI Affiliation: Are We Cool Yet?

Position: Artist

Description: Caucasian male, 37 years old, blue eyes and shoulder-length brown hair, typically wears a white bandanna around the top of his head, round wire-rimmed glasses, seemingly permanent beard stubble, tattoo of a four-dimensional hypercube on his back; typical attire consists of black combat boots, paint-splattered jeans, and a black leather motorcycle jacket over a white t-shirt.

Background: T.M. Stork is a known member of "Are We Cool Yet?" and a new media artist, specializing in interactive installations and digital image manipulation, who lives in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. He was born in Camden, New Jersey, to an abusive and mentally ill single mother who made a meager living as a poet. He began painting as an adolescent, though his mother discouraged him from doing so. He could not afford to purchase art supplies, so he stole what he could from school and shoplifted the rest from the local art supply store. His neighbor, a kind old man named Donald Gately, took an interest in his work and supplied him with canvases. He sold his first piece ("Elderly Woman with Kitchen Knife", oil on canvas) at the age of sixteen.

Stork compiled an impressive portfolio as a teenager and won a scholarship to the venerable Cooper Union in New York City, where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts. During that time, his interests shifted from painting to new media art, specifically to digital image manipulation and interactive installations. Something else changed in him as well—he stopped speaking to the vast majority of his old friends and acquaintances from Camden, and became focused solely on achieving his artistic vision. He became cold, calculating, and unconcerned with the needs of those around him. His primary artistic interests shifted to light, optics, vision, and altering perceptions of reality. As he wrote at the time in an artist's statement, "Some artists want to hold a mirror up to society, I want to hold up a prism—to dissect reality into its raw components and show people not merely what the world looks like, but what it is made of. Our eyes lie to us; we see only the surface. Art must move beyond mere representation and explore the truth that lies beyond the pale of our perception."

Nothing Stork created as an undergraduate exhibited anomalous properties, but that would soon change after he graduated from the Cooper Union and began working toward his Master's degree at NYU Tisch School of the Arts' Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). He did not graduate from ITP; rather, he was expelled from the program midway through his second year for an unknown incident that involved faculty and students still refuse to discuss.

Stork's known anomalous projects from ITP include the following:

  • A painting of a horse in a field that made viewers vomit uncontrollably.
  • A pair of "4D glasses".
  • A Graflex large format camera, altered with the addition of a hypnotic pattern generator (stolen from the office of Columbia University professor and Foundation researcher Dr. ████ █████), that took photographs with embedded memetic triggers, the effects of which were dependent on the subject photographed.
  • Another Graflex large format camera, altered with the addition of a tachyon emitter (stolen from the ██████ █████████ high energy physics laboratory), that took photographs twelve seconds in the future.

After his expulsion from graduate school, Stork spent several years in Russia and Eastern Europe, engaged in unknown activities. He returned to New York City in 2004 for an infamous Tribeca gallery opening ("Kinds of Light & Kinds of Pain", see: [DATA EXPUNGED]) that killed three members of the public and maimed twelve. Stork was exonerated from all charges, since every visitor had signed an extensive injury/death waiver before entering the gallery. Since then, he has lived in a modest apartment in Brooklyn and kept a low profile. He manages a small local art gallery under an alias ("James O. Incandenza") that is a known front for "Are We Cool Yet?" activities, though he does regularly sell original paintings, photographic prints, and mixed media art pieces. The focus of his personal work remains in digital image manipulation and interactive media, and he claims—only to his closest associates—to be working on a magnum opus that has been years in the making and will take at least another decade to complete.

Personality: T.M. Stork is a sociopath, far more concerned with artistic vision, both figuratively and literally, than lives or public safety. Twitchy and unpredictable, untreated bipolar disorder, takes Desoxyn pills (pharmaceutical methamphetamine) for ADHD and intravenous heroin to relax, smokes an electronic cigarette. When not working on his art, he can often be found playing poker or billiards, his two favorite games. In both, he wins about the same amount of money as he loses, but enjoys himself nonetheless. He has a girlfriend, Joelle Van Dyne, who is strikingly beautiful and much younger than him (25), though she shares his drug habits and some of his sociopathic tendencies. Besides New York, Stork's favorite city in the world is Paris—although he doesn't speak any French, he enjoys visiting friends and associates there from time to time.


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