Character Name: [Redacted]

Aliases: Thero, Theropissed

Played By: Theropissed

Position: Apprentice Engineer at Site 15 as an Analyst of SCP-079, Alternate chaperone of SCP-134, Consultant with Network Security.

Description: 5'8", 165lbs, Brown hair and eyes, glasses.

Background: Thero is an average looking human male that is described as above. Initially an intern at an engineering firm, Thero had worked for DARPA before being recruited by the SCP as an apprentice engineer and analyst, and thus as a result, was able to remove all non-Foundation databases, with only the Database at Site-01 having his real name, date of birth, and background. Thero has a Masters of Science of Computer Engineering, with a specialization in Architecture/Design and Embedded Systems, as well as having a minor in Network Security. Initially part of a junior team of engineers at Site-17 however he was reassigned as he and SCP-347 had been found fraternizing without authorization. (It was later deemed that bother were too close, however currently there is a pending request stating the desire of both Thero and SCP-347 to communicate via mail or electronic means.)

Thero is only known by his Alias, and as a result of his expertise, is requested to consult with the security department on a regular basis. He has also been shown to be adept with kids, thus was assigned as an alternate chaperone of SCP-134 after a lengthy trial session with SCP-134. Should any of the primary researchers and chaperones be unable to assist SCP-134 in any number of tasks (including emergencies), Thero will be the one to take charge of those duties unless directed otherwise by the Foundation.

Thero is also very fond of hockey, much to the annoyance of his coworkers.

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