The Son Of The Tickle Monster

Item #: SCP-1751

Object Class: Safe

Played by: cpt tenacious

Local Site Names: Son of the Tickle Monster, Zion

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1751 is allowed to freely leave roam should it desire to. Subject is not allowed off
facility. Any personnel are allowed to interact with SCP-1751, but only if they are not on duty at the time.

Description: SCP-1751 is a orange translucent slime in the form of a human male, approximately 18 years old. Subject appears to have the same physical properties as SCP-999 as well as SCP-999's abilities in the manner of the touch of Euphoria. Aside from said properties, SCP-1751 appears to have human level intelligence and will often talk to personnel who spend time with the subject.

SCP-1751 was created after a sample of SCP-999 was put through heavy chemical and electric testing, resulting in the sample becoming intelligent and forming a human shape.

Subject shows daily growth of IQ with an IQ of 47 at the date of creation, continuing to become 102 after 4 months of growth. It is estimated that his IQ will exceed genius level intellect.

Addendum 1751-A: Subject has taken a liking to the name Zion, personnel interacting with the SCP-1751 are allowed to refer to it as either Zion or SCP-1751.

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