The Priest

Character Name: The Priest

Object class: Euclid/Keter

Aliases: Father.

Sex: Male.

Birth date: Unknown.

Personality: Unknown.

Played By: DrVivid

Position: An SCP.

Special Containment Procedures: The Priest must be contained in a completely white room with one window. There must be a flask of water on the other side of the window. Everything must look identical except for the wall with the window. In the event of a containment breach, Procedure-███ must be followed. If it is not, Devastating concequences may occur to the area in a 10 mile radius. If it requests any rational thing, it must be carried out.

Description: SCP-2834 looks like a middle aged priest, with a black cassok and leather shoes. He has a stern look most of the time and paces around his cell a lot. He has not spoke since we contained him ██ Days ago.

Background: SCP-2834 has not told the Foundation anything before he was contained. SCP-2834 was contained in ██████, Florida during a mass. SCP-2834 caused ██ deaths.

Items: A Bible, Incomprehensible text inside. (In Foundation's possesion/I.F.P.). A whip, Unknown if this has special properties. (I.F.P)

SCP-2834 has requested for the water to be replaced every 3-5 days. Request granted.
- Dr. Vivid

Following the events of Site-76, SCP-2834 may not have the Flask of water in his chamber anymore.
- O5-██

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