The Grand 19th Imperial Legion, Equal to Saturn, Protector of the Vents, and Friend to All Who Roam the Land Without a Spine

Full Designation: The Grand 19th Imperial Legion, Equal to Saturn, Protector of the Vents, and Friend to All Who Roam the Land Without a Spine.

Other Names: The Grand 19th Imperial Legion, TG19ILEtSPotVaFtAWRtLWaS, Spybug Legion, the bug problem, "god fucking dammit not this shit again".

Classification: Annoying Land Invertebrate Based Insurrectionists.

Played by: UraniumEmpireUraniumEmpire

Current Status

The Grand 19th Imperial Legion has currently declared war on the Foundation. All members of the Foundation not currently engaged in active containment are therefore advised to carry a can of Raid on their person at all times.

About the Organization

The Grand 19th Imperial Legion is a paramilitary organization composed entirely of anomalous land invertebrates capable of speech. Headed by Her Grand Imperial Majesty General Evelyn, a female specimen of Archimantis latistyla (Large Brown Mantis), the Grand 19th Imperial Legion has dedicated itself to battling all forces of oppression who wish to oppress land invertebrates, such as biologists, taxonomists, and bored kids with magnifying glasses.

The Grand 19th Imperial Legion is currently composed of no less than 15 different species of land invertebrates, each with distinct duties and functions:

Genus species (Common name) Function Notes
Unknown (Unknown) Reproduction Currently the only division of the Legion whose corresponding nonanomalous species has yet to be discovered.
Aedes aegypti (Yellow Fever Mosquito) Biological warfare Following the Walters-Domestica Treaty of 1976, The Grand 19th Imperial Legion has stopped deploying this division against noncombatants.
Vespula maculifrons (Eastern Yellowjacket) Construction Around 40% have gone on strike in support of the "New Wing" movement, a fringe movement which believes most of the Legion has grown complacent with the humans.
Musca domestica (Housefly) Diplomacy Members of this division possess the anomalous ability to talk at intensities in excess of 90 decibels. Reports of attempts to weaponize this ability by the Legion are unconfirmed.
Periplaneta americana (American Cockroach) Espionage and intelligence Instances are capable of intercepting and replaying radio transmissions with their antennae. Most use this ability to act as "jukeboxes" while not fighting.
Lumbricus terrestris (Earthworm) Infiltration and weakening of defensive structures Most, but not all members of this division are terrible at their jobs.
Thaumetopoea pityocampa (Pine Processionary Moth) "Esoteric Warfare" All instances in this division lack the understanding of the phrase "esoteric warfare", and are considered useless by Her Grand Imperial Majesty General Evelyn.
Photinus pyralis (Common Eastern Firefly) Congitohazard research and implementation The Foundation has begun diplomacy talks with this division in hopes of encouraging defection to the Foundation's side.
Scolopendra gigantea (Amazonian Giant Centipede) Her Grand Imperial Majesty's Steed Only one member of this division exists. Goes by "Junior".
Nephila inaurata (Red-Legged Golden Orb-Web Spider) Sapper A rivalry exists between this division and the Vespula maculifrons division. Possible exploitation is underway.
Archimantis latistyla (Large Brown Mantis) Her Grand Imperial Majesty The current leader of the Grand 19th Imperial Legion. Goes by "Evelyn".
Danaus plexippus (Monarch Butterfly) Administration and psychological warfare Attempts at engaging in "psychological warfare" have so far been limited to attempting to induce an emotional state colloquially known by the division as "feels."
Pepsis mildei (Tarantula Hawk) Air support The Legion has begun breeding programs to increase the size of members of this division, which has been labeled as "fucking ridiculous" by top Foundation scientists.
Xenopsylla cheopis (Oriental Rat Flea) Anti-armor This division first saw deployment after a rat accidently destroyed a Legion outpost while fleeing from an exterminator.
Paraponera clavata (Bullet Ant) Standard infantry Occasionally used to deliver written missives on behalf of Her Grand Imperial Majesty General Evelyn, due to a peculiar yet accurate fear of Evelyn that it will be stomped upon repeatedly if it comes near a Foundation employee.
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