The Engineer

Name: The Engineer

Alias: None

Played by: AlphaGhost5253

Description: 7,3"ft, 340"lbs, Bipedal Humanoid, Composed of mostly a bronze-like metal able to bend it's form at will, Male in appearance, Appears to be wearing a bronzed cloak with a hood covering it's head that covers the body whole, Appears to have eyes which glow red when active. Notably has two large wings that protrude from it's back also made out of the same materiel as the rest of the body.

Anomalous Features: Other than it's appearance and sentience, The Engineer has shown the ability to craft anomalous objects made out of bronze with almost any materiel, all being different in complexity and function. Despite being given any objects, other than any other SCPs, The Engineer has been able to create anomalous devices that are simply impossible to create given what materiel it was given. An example being when given a single wooden cube, it was able to create a large bronze spider capable of automation. The most bizzare part is that no signs of any sort of removal and/or reproduction of The Engineer's form is witnessed when creating new materiel. Simply, the item appears after a few days, all the while being "worked on" by The Engineer. This process includes The Engineer running it's hands around said object until a resulting object is made. It has also been reported that The Engineer has the ability to communicate with it's creations via a form of telepathy.

Background: The Engineer was found during a raid on a Church of the Broken God safe haven, where it was found laying on a giant bronze alter. Once awakened on accident by personnel during extraction, The Engineer showed signs of extreme duress, struggling in the extraction vehicle, resulting in the escape of The Engineer. After a 2 hour re-containment effort, it was moved to Site-73 as a temporary containment area until further notice. After a week of study, it was discovered that The Engineer was a random civilian kidnapped by The Church of The Broken God and reported that he was "given as tribute" to their god, resulting in his transformation. After learning of his abilities, as well as showing a great compliance to Foundation personnel, he was given Level 2 access to Site-73 as long as he assist in creating new containment and/or security systems for The Foundation. After agreeing, he has since been a great help to Site-73, as well as The Foundation as a whole after giving much more insight on The Church of The Broken God.

Personality: Friendly, often in deep thought, and generally positive. However, has shown periods of great negative emotion, generally depression and self-pity.

Items: A large, bronze staff with a cog attached to the top of it

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