The Drone
The Drone in its base form.

Character Name: The Drone

Aliases: Doctor Samson

Played By: ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish

Position: Infiltrator Drone for an unnamed alien organisation.

Description: As the Drone has the ability to change its form, there are different descriptions for each of its disguises. The base form is the drones undisguised form however it is rarely seen.

Base form: The Drone is a huamnoid 2 metre tall bio-mechanical machine comprised of a dark black metal and a glowing green substance know as 'Plasmite'. Plasmite is able to change shape, texture, colour and temperature at will by the Drone. Plasmite is not infinite and the Drone must consume high energy foods to replenish it. The Drone is not indestructible however it can sustain more damage than the average human being.
As well as being able to change its form, the Drone can also absorb a persons personality and memories and seems to force itself into thinking it actually is that person making it near impossible to tell the difference between the Drone and a real person.

Doctor Samson: Doctor Samson is the first suspected disguise of The Drone. A middle aged scientist, grey hair, average build, a short beard and wears black glasses. He used to work in the foundation until his disappearance in 2009. Since then his name has been popping up in small areas of the world prompting an investigation by the Foundation.
Samson is a cautious individual and never takes any unnecessary risks. He is incredibly smart and is able to make the most complicated of contraptions out of the simplest of materials.

Background: Little is known about the Drone or the organisation apart from the fact they are extremely technologically advanced. It is unknown why the Drone is here and there are only a few known sightings of the Drone leading to the belief that the Drone may not even exist. The Foundation is aware of the Drone however due to the lack of evidence of its existence they do not consider it a threat.


The following is an almost complete translation of the Drone alphabet:


It is unknown who or where this translation came from. The Drone alphabet authenticity is also unknown.

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