"The Drifter"- CI

SCP Foundation Case File. Classification 0-4

Security Check: Authorized User Found. Access Granted

File: Chaos Insurgency/operatives/unknown/filename=The_Drifter

Name: Unknown

Aliases: Named "The Drifter" by Foundation analysts. Has been observed or reported going by the following: Randal Flagstaff, Brian Bennett, James O'Doul, Paul Plainville, Simon Sage. Has been referred to as "The Watcher Man" by Chaos Insurgency Operatives.

Age: Unknown, appears to be in late 30's.

Place of Birth: Unknown, has been sighted across American Midwest, Deep South, and possibly in Madrid Spain.

Appearance: "The Drifter" is a white male, of average build and middling height. He has salt and pepper hair worn around shoulder length and a receding hairline. His eye color has been reported as either brown, blue, green, or heterocromatic by various sources. Often wears large dark sunglasses. Seems to favor baggy tropical style shirts.

Information and Notes: The Individual referred to as "The Drifter" is an operative of the Chaos Insurgency. His exact role in the organization is unknown, though intelligence indicates he may hold considerable rank. He has been sighted at or near numerous Chaos Insurgency incidents, usually alone.

One recorded incidence had the individual inciting a riot amongst the civilian population near Site ██ leading to the deaths of Seven foundation personnel and a severe Containment breech of SCP-████. Foundation Agents who arrived to subdue the crowd and reestablish containment of SCP-████ were able to obtain only information on the individual.

Addendum 1A: A photograph discovered in a private collection in ██████, Alabama showed an individual matching "The Drifter's" physical description. Testing has verified that the photograph dates back to 1909, though connection to "The Drifter" is speculative at best; Possibly a relative.

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