The Baltic Special Cases Agency

Designation:The Baltic Special Cases Agency

Classification:Anomalous event investigation and research. SCP containment in North-West Europe.

Played by: Hankolijo

About the organization

Founded recently, in 2002, The BSCA's main goal was investigation of unusual cases of anomalous origin. The agency originally consisted of members from three countries- Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, but as of 2008 the agency has spread to Poland and Finland.

The BSCA first encountered the foundation upon researching several mysterious deaths in Parnu, Estonia. Soon after the first encounter with the foundation, two units- Unit FR and Unit XK were created.

Since 2010, BSCA is responsible for retrieval of SCPs in north-west Europe, and their delivery into Foundation custody.


Janis Kurpnieks, Latvian BSCA leader.
Pärnu (Real name unknown), Estonian BSCA leader.
Jogaugas (Real name unknown), Lithuanian BSCA leader.

The BSCA has several, less high-ranking leaders, mainly in Poland, Finland, and Sweden, pending to join BSCA ranks.

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