Terrence Simmons

Name: Terrence Simmons

Aliases: Terrence, Terry, Mr. Simmons

Position: Foundation researcher, level 2, technical specialist

Played by: Jayeon KaiJayeon Kai

Description: Brown hair, blue eyes, in late twenties. Wears glasses, either a lab coat or a long dark-green coat, and a light-green necklace. Is normally calm and serious. Tends to act a bit frustrated in cases of emergency.

Background: Little is known about Terrence's early life. It is that known he is a good friend of Agent Irving Drake, was a member of a computer club at a high school in [REDACTED], and that he had graduated from [REDACTED] University with a PhD in Astrophysics and Information Science and a MD in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Terrence was recruited by the foundation due to his involvement in the containment of SCP-████. (See Containment of SCP-████ for more information.) Primary duties involve the researching of Euclid-class and technological SCPs. When not busy with work, Terrence enjoys reading, drawing, and working on 3D animations on his computer.

Containment of SCP-████:
SCP-████ came to the attention of the Foundation when reports of a "sentient hard drive" surfaced at a computer company building in [REDACTED]. When the reports were investigated, Terrence Simmons, an employee of the building, was found to be in possession of SCP-████. Terrence revealed that he had discovered SCP-████ in the building a few months before this event, and that he had been keeping it contained in his storage room since then. After an interview with him, he was then hired by the Foundation. SCP-████ was then confiscated, and amnestics were administered to all other involved individuals.

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