Ted Thomas

Character Name: Ted Thomas

Alias: "The Tinker"

GOI Affiliation: Are we cool yet?

Age: 30

Position: Artist, salesman

Played by: Larry Broggs

Description: Filipino, light brown skin, long black hair with combed mustache. Normally wears skinny jeans and a blue button-down shirt with black running shoes.

Background: Ted Thomas is a member and artist of the group "Are We Cool Yet?". Ted works as an "independent" artist, as well as a businessman. Ted grew up in a middle class family with a mother involved in business and a father in engineering. Ted never attended school, being tutored at home by his mom and building trinkets with his dad. In his teenage years he created his first device, selling it to his friend. Realizing that this was a potential way to live, Ted ran from home, grabbing as many supplies as he could. Since then, Ted has become an independent businessman, having minor fame on the black market (and therefore the Foundation) as "The Tinker", because of his talent to use seemingly mundane household items to create anomalous items.

Personality: Ted is a business-oriented person, with his mind always on the "next best product." His goal is to acquire the cool not through public knowledge but underground fame. Ted tends to act calm in most situations, though when stressed he tends to overthink, leading him to slow his movement in an escape. His cardio is also not the best, which is why he prefers to do over the phone and drop-off deals rather than physical tradeoff deals. Ted is constantly on the move, only carrying a duffel bag of supplies and money. He tries sleeping on rooftops or high places, and always finds a way up or down.

Known Loans:

  • A Silly String Can that when the silly string makes contact with a foreign surface (not the can) will ignite into flames.
  • A straw, that when used on a liquid, fills the user's entire mouth with said liquid.
  • A Guitar Hero guitar that functions like a normal guitar and can independently play sounds in excess of 150 decibels.
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