Tai Yang Shen

Character Name: Agent Tai Yang Shen (real name undisclosed)

Security Clearance: Level 3

Current Location: Varies, but divides time between Site-19 and Foundation facilities in China.

Played By: Zyn

Description: Average, nondescript height and build. Late twenties, well-kept black hair, dark brown eyes, wears collared shirts and black jackets of various styles.

Background: An immigrant from China, Shen is bilingual (speaks English and Mandarin). Agent Shen was initially recruited from an American university, where he had been studying the social sciences and criminology.

He began low-key Foundation research as an associate of Kiryu Labs, overseen by Dr. Mark Kiryu, but was temporarily assigned to a China-based Foundation facility when he traveled back overseas to visit his family. After accepting and successfully completing a series of undercover assignments involving the local populations, Shen was given agent status and level-3 security clearance. His most notable work is the investigation of SCP-1334.

Soft-spoken and able to adopt whatever demeanor the situation demands, Shen is the sort of person who goes about largely unnoticed and unremembered. Having taken martial arts classes over the course of his life, he is proficient in self-defense, and enjoys working with antique combat apparatus. In his spare time, he likes to cook, and is rather handy with knives when it comes to carving turnips.

Given that part of his job involves being someone who isn't easily remembered, Shen doesn't spend much time socializing. Nevertheless, he's on good terms with his Kiryu Labs associates, in particular researchers Riven (they like to swap college stories) and Zyn (she keeps a stash of fruit in the spare room for him).

Roleplay Appearances:
Site-19 Kiryu Lab - Experimental Rooms
Monthly SCP-1338 Contact
SCP-2255 Island Rotation
Kiryu Labs Castle Series

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