Syntax Error

Character Name:Syntax

Class: Elucid

Aliases: SCP Error

Played by: Robofan998

Special containment procedures: none, the SCP has not shown any hostile. Also attempts to contain it with technology have proven futile.

Description: Tall Caucasian male with black hair, who appears in his early 20's. Actual age unknown

effects Syntax or SCP Error causes any technology in a 10 foot radius to fail in any way possible. This effect increases immeasurably when his life is in danger. The failures have so far sacred his life repeatedly. Syntax shows high level of control over this power. This power has repadly c0rupt3d files reg@rd#$# his 3xistece [error technological failure data beyond this point is highly corrupt]

Background:W@s d!sk0verd in [Data expunged] #%)*during the gr8t north @merican blck out. Has s!nced caused N#$%euse techmechanical & software [errors] on site [REDACTED].Br0th3r 2 Ep!d3mic

Addendum 1 Error: SCP has agreed to be weaponized against mechanical based SCP's

Addendum 2 Error: Now has been trained in sever hand to hand combat.

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