Sylvester Morgan

Character Name: Sylvester Morgan

Aliases: Dr. Morgan, Silver-Tongued Sly, Sloth

Position: Field research, Conducts experiments, Interviews SCPs.

Description: 29 years old, tall, thin, has short black hair and wears googles with blue lenses. Often engages in playful, yet
competitive banter with other doctors. Always writes about his experiences with SCPs in a small book that he has
chained to his pant leg. Refuses to let anyone read it. Wears arm length gloves and a standard issue lab coat.
He got the nickname Silver-Tongued Sly due to the fact that he seems to be able to convince some high level personnel
to let him interview / experiment with several restricted SCPs. He earned the nickname Sloth because he is commonly seen wondering around the facility, often doing nothing, though he redeems himself with his hard work.

Background: After collecting a PhD on biology in England, he took some animal researching jobs such as studying mating patterns of whales. Finding these dull and boring, Sylvester discovered an SCP himself. When it was collected by Foundation researchers, he asked for a job and, thanks to his background in biological research, was hired.

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