Swordfighting Balogna Sandwich
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Item #: SCP-6969

Object Class: Euclid Ronin

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6969-A is to remain inside of an environmentally-regulated hermetic cask (or refrigerator) at all times, with a constant temperature of 1.6º Celsius. This cask is to be stored under guard at Site-19's High-Value Storage Vault (or Dr. Alto Clef's office's mini-fridge). At no time are any personnel to interact with SCP-6969 through anything but remote physical manipulation.

In the event of an SCP-6969-B manifests, any non-Japanese personnel in the vicinity are to evacuate, leaving any Japanese personnel to engage it with any weapons on hand in an attempt to disarm it.1

Description: SCP-6969-A is a balogna sandwich with a thin glaze of mayonnaise, between two slices of white bread. Testing to determine the brand of each component has been unsuccessful, and deemed an unnecessary expenditure of Foundation resources. SCP-6969's primary anomalous property manifests when a sapient creature attempts to consume the object.

After approximately one-quarter of the sandwich has been eaten, the rest will sublimate into a gaseous phase, and then rematerialize into a form nominally resembling a samurai-styled RX-78-2 Gundam as described from the long-running and popular Gundam anime series. This form is designated as SCP-6969-B, and is universally of the same height as the sapient which attempted to consume SCP-6969-A. SCP-6969-B also manifests bearing a daishō, consisting of a katana and tanto. Each of the blades bear classical styling, but share the anomalous characteristic of turning SCP-6969-B's victims into an instance of SCP-6969-A if a killing blow is delivered with either blade. After manifestation, SCP-6969-B universally attempts to duel the sapient who attempted to consume SCP-6969-A. After a conclusion the duel, SCP-6969-B dissipates and reforms into an instance of SCP-6969-A.

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