Stephen August

Dr. Stephen August, PhD

Played by: WorldEdit

Position: Containment consultant

An older person, with white hair and Marx-ish beard, rarely seen without his lab coat. His eyes tinted blue and has a small forehead.
Even though it is impossible to see him in a swimsuit (And why would you want to, anyway? This guy is, like, 90), it is obvious he must be of extremely skinny and tall build.

Recruited while still young and aspiring architect, this man has given his whole life to the foundation and it's cause: And earned a lot of respect from his colleagues in the progress. Willing to go the extra mile, which is proven by his PhD earned during civilian deployment.
However, old age soon got the better of him, as now he is only a "consultant" and is no longer in charge of facility layout. But his knowledge of physics and architecture make him a valuable resource for all teams in the field, to whom he gives all the support he can from a comfy couch back in HQ.

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