Stefan Walker


Special Containment Procedure:

Subject is supposed to get extreme doses of Antipsychotics to keep him from going into fits of insane rage too often. He should not be allowed to be near anything, not even water, when it seems that he is going into one of his fits. If entered into a fit subject is to be restrained in any way possible and injected with a specially made sedative to be administered by only specially trained operatives.

As long as subject takes his medication when specified subject is allowed access to most areas of facility. If subject refuses to take medication he is to be sedated and contained in his cell with a minimum of twenty highly trained guards, and one specialist in the special sedative used to keep him calm.

Subject is allowed to go on mission requiring his skills as long as he has taken the proper dosage of medication, and has an operative trained to make sure he takes it. He is also allowed two hours of training either by himself, or a sparring partner of his choice (depending on clearance, availability, and potential to cause collateral damage.)

Subject is also allowed visitation by his daughter who is to remain off site for her own protection. He is allowed to see her every other week as long as he takes his medication properly.

SCP-Undetermined is a human male by the name of Stefan Walker of unknown descent. Physical traits include dark blue eyes (turn crimson when entering a fit), crimson red neck length hair, roughly 6' tall with a some what athletic build, with the only other distinct feature being his razor sharp teeth which he filed down at an unknown time. Birth place: unknown. Date of Birth May 25, date unknown, age is roughly 24 but exact age is unknown.

Subject has shown higher levels of intelligence when properly stimulated. He seems to specialize in history of weapons and wars. Subject seems to have a near obsession with the heavily modified chainsaw, and the high caliber revolver he was found with. Stefan seems to be a social person at times, but has stated that most people annoy him because they don't understand true pain. If a person tries to approach him they should do it carefully, he may not kill someone for annoying him, but he will most likely send them to the infirmary, so approach at your own risk.

Subject has had multiple cases of mass murder under his belt, and has shown little to no remorse for it. He has stated though that he will never do any violence to children having a daughter of his own. He also has stated a dislike for hurting animals unless he really had to.

SCP-Undetermined's abilities appear very mildly when in a state of calm, such as when he takes his medication, but when he has not taken his medication, under direct atta,ck, severely angered, or his daughter or people he claims to care are threatened or are in danger, subject will enter a fit of rage that unless stopped with a special sedative will continue until subject has worn himself out, or has killed the cause of the fit. These fits are enhanced with a power from unknown means, and should be considered extremely dangerous. Subject has been known to use anything as a weapon with extreme efficiency. Any item held by Stefan while in this state form an unknown energy signature around them. This energy signature has been shown to have the power to make the item nearly invincible while in his hand, and for a short time if used as a projectile. Objects like fire arms have shown to have terrifying results when fired. If Stefan is allowed to get his hands on a firearm outside of a mission or closely supervised training sessions subject is to be avoided at all costs by anyone other than the top officer of the security force trained in handling him. Subject has also shown to have superhuman strength, along with a relatively high regeneration rate. Subject has been shown to have taken fire from as high a caliber as anti-tank rounds and healed those wounds in a matter of hours.

Subject has shown expertise in several different fighting styles, but prefers to use his own fighting style in combat. Subject has also shown expertise in multiple weapons, some of which may not have been discovered yet, and expertise in small arms, and some training in assault weapons.

Subject is currently not scheduled for termination because of his usefulness to the organization, and his regular acceptance to taking his medication.

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