Stan, From Accounting

Character Name: Stan From Accounting My name is Stanley Richards, thank you. I have a last name, you know, and it's not "Fromaccounting."

Aliases: Stan From Accounting. *sigh*

Position: Accounts Payable Specialist, Accounting Clerk

Description: Average height, flabby, gray hair (shaved in favor of a bitchin' black toupee), thick gray mustache. Typical business casual dress, bordering on overdressed. Tends to talk about a topic long after it has moved on. Has held a suspicion that computers have been powered by magic since the invention of the mouse.

Background: M.Ac., University of Iowa, 1979. MBA, University of Iowa, 1981. Intuit Certified Quicken for DOS Expert, 1993.

Played by: Humble administrator pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul
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