Safety class: eculid
Administrators: D-01AA

Description: The stalker is a male that is Ca 1,85(meters) high. The stalker is only allowed contact with by class 3 personell. The stalker got no shadow and can make himself invisible for cameras. The stalker will be exicuted as soon as possible, but no kind of physically damage have worked yet.

Containement: The stalker is kept in a 6m x 6m x7m box made of steel. The guards have normal 672-modell handguns and Ak-47's. The stalker is kept in the [Data expired] in the Safety contertainement part.

Camera Logs [Class 3 personell]/[Class 3 personell] - 2013:
15:43 : Stalker turns invisible for cameras
15:56 : video freezes for 3 minuttes & 23 seconds, 4 guards enters cage(all weaponerised with standard weapons) and checks if everything is normal.

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