SSgt. John Atlas

Character: SSgt. John Atlas.

Nick names: John, Johnny, Atlas, Smalls, Boy scout, Cap. (reference to popular American comic book icon)

Played By John_Atlas.

Position: Security head Site-██ East Wing

Age: Claims to be 21. Logic dictates age at 91.

Description: John is 5'10" and gaunt thin. He has curly short black hair, dark brown eyes and a light tan skin. He always wears black slim fit trousers with a Khaki button up shirt and a black tie. He carries a Colt M1917 revolver at all times and in times of need uses his personal C96 Carbine.

History and background: Born out of wedlock in 1923 to a white father and African American mother he faced adversity and racism throughout his youth. He joined the Army in 1941 and was deployed to the pacific theater. In 1944 he was captured by the Japanese. Over the next year he was subjected to testing by Unit 731, one test being temporal projection. He was blindly projected into the future in which the Foundation picked him up. After discovering the only anomalous thing about him was his presence in the present he joined Site-██ Security.

Notable skills: Polyglot, accomplished marksman with a rifle and expert marksman with side arms He is also proficient in mechanical engineering.

Additional notes: John shows an aggressiveness towards racism and prejudice. He also shows an inclination towards comic books and pulp culture. Make sure to keep him away from SCP-454, [REDACTED], and SCP-232. His fascination toward the previously stated subjects has garnered him an juvenile reputation among his peers. As a capable polyglot John has been recommended multiple times for field work, and regularly proves his capability to remain calm and objective even in the most stressful of situations, each time he turns down the offer stating "I like what I do here and besides I will let the spooks be spooks. It ain't my place anyway."

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