SSG. Tyler Lindsey

Character name: Tyler S. Lindsey
Aliases: Angel, Ty, Lin, Lucky
Position: Site Security at Area-12
Played by: Angel Lindsey

Expertise: Defensive Tactics, Close Quarter Combat
Years at the Foundation: 4

Description: White Male of German and British decent, 29 years old, Height of 5''6' and Weighs 145 lbs. Baby blue eyes and brown hair in a buzz cut. Has two scars on his face the first on his left cheek, starting at the right end of his eye socket and ending at the right crease of his mouth. The second starting at is right temple and ending at his left nostril. (scar crosses his nose) Missing his left ring finger. Has a slender build, clean shaven, perfect set of teeth. Has a tattoo of the U.S. Army Sapper Insignia on his left bicep. The words "Don't Tread On Me." is tattooed on his back with a snake coiled around the words.
Personality: Friendly, good sense of humor, naturally caring for people, stern when needed.

Background: Was born and raised in the streets of Detroit, Michigan. Was raised by his parents with a twin brother and was very outgoing and smart as a child. At the age of 14 he lost both of his parents to cancer and entered a deep depression, his brother was soon separated from him. In his teenage years he developed an interest in the military. He enlisted into the U.S. Army at the age of 18 as a Combat Engineer. There he joined the ranks of the Sappers and earned the rank of Staff Sargent. His is last mission was to clear out a cave believed to hold terrorists. The details have been lost to what exactly happened in the cave but in the end he was the last survivor of his squad after being attacked by a creature resembling a large humanoid bird. The conflict resulted in scaring his face and lose of his left ring finger. After recovery he developed an interests in the beings he once thought would never exist. He took to investigating beings such as the one who attacked him, the Foundation took notice of him in his 3rd year after he successfully subdued one of these creatures, which was then recovered by the Foundation. After a short investigation he was recruited.

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