Real Name:[UNKNOWN]

Gender: Male

Height: 6' 0"


Eyes: Brown

Code name: Spectator

Played By: Agent SchismAgent Schism

Serial Number: 2M734GY8/###

Description: Spectator is a Global Occult Coalition single agent. Spectator is charged with the assessment of possible KTEs and termination of Low-Medium threat KTEs. Spectator's battle gear is a standard feild agent's apperel, all black. Spectator also wears a full face bandanna. The Coalition agreed to his term for paying for his tactical equipment needs along with the standard salary. Spectator's voice is raspy at all times. Spectator does not socialize with other GOC staff except command.

Spectator has been accused at one point of being a spy to the Coalition. The accuser claimed the Spectator was actually POI [CLASSIFIED], Agent Schism of the SCP Foundation. Spectator was proved innocent, and the accuser was sentenced for trying a innocent GOC agent for death and was executed.

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