Special Agent David Tobias

SCP Foundation Personnel Profile: David Byron Tobias

Name: David Byron Tobias
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Eye: Blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 160 lbs.

Security Clarence: O-4 Universal

Status: Active Special Agent
Current Deployment: Field Agent Operating from Site 19
Previous Deployments: Anomalous Data Analyst- Site 84, Alpha 4 ("Pony Express")

Qualifications: PhD in Anomalous Sciences from University of Mesa New Mexico, Law Enforcement and Field Agent Training for FBI prior to employment with the SCP Foundation.

Biographical Information: Special Agent Tobias has proven extremely capable and eager to advance in the Foundation. Has in the past volunteered for dangerous or undesirable assignments, and in his 4 years of employment has seen several promotions of Rank and Intelligence Clearance. Agent Tobias was very willing to cut ties with civilian life necessary for upper level security clearance. Has requested consideration to Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"). Request pending.

Foundation Work of Note: Agent Tobias has excelled in collecting and interpreting information in the field, including contributing to the ongoing investigation of Marshal Carter and Dark, with his insights leading to raids upon several MCD storehouses.

Anomalies of Note: Agent Tobias has not obtained nor exhibited any Anomalous properties. He is in possession of a ball point pen that was denied formal classification, but will always balance on its tip when placed on a flat surface.

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