Slobodan Damir

Character Name: Slobodan Damir
Aliases: Slobodan, Dan, Damir
Played by: Jett Phillips
Position: MTFC of the team Zeta-1 ('Mentally Gifted'). Holds a Level 4 Security Clearance for any and all information on SCPs he may be sent to deal with in the field upon request.

Height: 188cm
Mass: 90kg
Age: 44 years
Build: Muscular, averaged sized
Physical Features: Long brown hair, usually put into a ponytail during operations. Scruffy dark beard and mustache.

Equipment: He uses a custom Zastava M-70AB3 equipped with a 40mm under-barrel grenade launcher and a sight mount with red dot optic attached. It uses custom parts that increase the overall accuracy, reliability, and durability. The weapon is loaded with custom made High-Velocity FMJ 7.62x39mm rounds for armored targets and more resilient combatants, or JSP rounds for more fleshy and unarmored targets.
When not on operations or security on site, Slobodan favors tight fitted shirts with short sleeves. Along with dark cargo pants, and a black track jacket which conceals a 40. CZ99. He also takes advantage of para cord to create things like lanyards and wristbands for ID batches and watches respectively.

Background: Slobodan was born in in 1970, in Northern Kosovo. His father was an engineer and mechanic, as well as a veteran of the Yugoslav Partisans. His mother was nurse that served the Yugoslav Partisans, were she met his father. From a young age, he showed the qualities of an aspiring engineer, and took after his father. He often worked with his father on machinery and automobiles. During Secondary School, he got the chance to really show of his expertise, working in a garage using what his father taught him to buy food. His family wasn't the richest, but he appreciated what he had. He also had a knack for making small fireworks and using them to scare friends. Although this got him in trouble a few times with authorities, he only continued to develop his skill. In 1991, he was drafted into the People's Yugoslav Army, and participated as an explosives specialist. Over the course of his deployment, he was shown to be a natural leader. He eventually became a Sergeant First Class and commanded his own squad. He and his squad were sent on numerous missions to secure anti-tank missile installations, which concluded in the death of multiple of his close friends, scarring him for life.

In 1992, he was involved with the discovery and recovery of SCP-1776. Following this ordeal, he was admitted into the Foundation for a security detail for SCP-1776. During his time with SCP-1776, he gained a partial immunity to it. From this experience, (as well as some other traumatizing experiences), created the introverted person Slobodan is now. While he may seem out going in public, in reality, the scarring from the war and SCP-1776 have taken a massive toll on his psyche. However, he is able to suppress his emotions in operations, and while around others, allowing him to preserve a outgoing nature to others, while being able to let to all out in private. He undergoes multiple mental evaluations a month to make sure that his mental state does not degrade. It is not uncommon for him to take sleeping supplements.

Over the course of 10 years as a security guard, he was moved to a site, gained foundation trust, and climbed up the latter. Moving from security to MTFO, MTF to MTF, until finally, in 2003, he became Commander of his own MTF. MTF Zeta-1, better known as the 'Mentally Gifted', (as both a tease and play on words) which was hand-picked by Slobodan himself. He picked any and all MTFO's he could find that shared a similar trait to him, the ability to better handle traumatic situations should they happen, (their entire teams being wiped out by hostile SCPs, seeing them eaten alive, burned to a crisp, etc.) along with being able to withstand the stress and affects of mind-altering SCPs and be able to live with themselves later. The team mainly handles situations involving memetic and mind-altering SCPs, while sometimes operating on other fields as well.

Personality: While suffering from anxiety and PTSD when given time to think by himself, he shows a great attitude in the field and even while on site at site ██. He manages to suppress his true feelings, while this can take a tole on him, it's easily fixed with session to mental evaluation, and a nice long verbally vulgar and mind refreshing vent. He is over all an out going person at heart, but sometimes holds himself back. He is a born leader, and respected among his teammates. He enjoys a variety of music overall, mainly industrial metal, and is a listener, more than a speaker.

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