Sgt. Steven John Cutter

Character name:Steven John Cutter
Aliases:Stevie, ,The Cutter,Scar, SJ, Surehand
Position:Mechanical Engineer,Staff Sergent - Mobile Task Force for Keter and Euclid Containing,D-Class supervisor at Site-19,Pilot,
Played by:Kingjulien22

Expertise:Piloting,Military Explosives,Mechanical Engineering
Years at the Foundation:7

Description:Sgt. Steven is 28 of age,stands at 5'5,has bright green eyes and black messy hair. His right eye is marked by a scar,a scratch of some sort.Has athletic bulid,light beard and a tatoo representing a tiger on his neck.
Personality:Outgoing, Crazy,has a great sense of humour,sarcastic,sometimes ironic,caring.

Background: Steven's place of birth is New York,the city where all his possibilities came true. He was raised by close family members: his mother and father,(his mother was a baker,his father was a Major serving at a weapons research facility). At the age of 12,Steven lost both his parents to a mysterious man that stabbed them while sleeping,the man only managing to scratch Steven's eye,leaving him with his famous scar. As a teenager,Steven proved to be a difficult child,now being raised by his uncle and aunt. Soon,he got recruited in the army,then at the age of 21 the Foundation found him and recruited him to work at the SCP Foundation where he is serving ever since.

Nicknames/Aliases Info:
Stevie:His childhood nickname
The Cutter:Reference to his name and his love of knives
Scar: From his wound.
SJ:Acronym for StevenJohn
Surehand:The nickname:Surehand was given to him after an CI raid,where he killed 20 soldiers with great accuracy and skill,using only a revolver.

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