Sgt John Murdoch

Character Name: Sergeant John Murdoch

Aliases: Johnny Murder, Sgt. Murder

Played By: Deffdredd1703

Occupation: Sergeant of Ground Squad Foxtrot-Delta-Charlie-Four

Description: Tall, well-built, 27 years old, Scottish origin, crew-cut blond hair, green eyes, scar on left shoulder

Background: Lived in Scotland most of his childhood until his mother died in a terrorist attack at an airport, his father brought him up to be an army boy, forcing him to join the cadets and the Black Watch. He was recruited by the Foundation after he was found with seven bullet wounds and a knife slash to his shoulder protecting forty three children from harm after a school raid. He refused all medical treatment to his shoulder, preferring to keep it as a trophy of sorts. Murdoch quickly advanced through the ranks of the Foundation, reaching the level of Sergeant within just two years.

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