Sgt. Curtis Hartley

Character Name: Curtis Hartley
Aliases: Rookie, Curt, Shield, Block, Tubbsy, Big Boy, SCP-3001-7 [UN-AUTHORIZED], Punching Bag Hartley, M.A.S.S.S.S's little boy [UN-AUTHORIZED]
Foundation Positions: Mobile Task and Defense Forces/ Intelligence Operative, working along side Sgt. Aldo Pietro in this field - Mechanical Engineer/ Containment Specialist, working along side Dr. David Howels in this field
Field of Expertise: SCP Handler Class Keter and lower - Containment Preparation/ Replacement and/ or removal - Intelligence Operative/ Military Tactics
Clearance Level: 3 - Higher under certain Circumstances (Site Access) - 2 (Data Access) - Classification-B
Sex: Male
Played By: Tubbsy1994
Current Status: Under Surveillance, has maintained his classification as no changes to Curtis's situation have been reported

((Just a heads up, the middle two files are not, needed for role play purposes but you can read them if you like, thank you))

((Still in development, and Hopefully the SCP-3001 slot will be acquired by me when the SCP is complete, M.A.S.S.S.S is the SCP im writing about, and is obviously still in development (I shall look for another slot once its done, yet obviously it is still incomplete)))

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