Sentient Robotic Spider

Item #- 4539
Object Class- Euclid

Special containment procedures-
Object is to be kept in a concrete room that measures 3m x 3m x 1m. 1 guard is to be posted outside of the door at all times. Object is to be provided with 4 padlocks within the room for entertainment, and 1 computer ,with the ability to wirelessly connect to networks or other devices removed entirely, equipped with encrypted data for entertainment and test purposes, and one [REDACTED]. Maintenance and repairs are to be performed every 3 weeks.

SCP 4539 is a mechanical spider crafted out of steel that has wires littering the inside of its body. It stands 1m, and has a small, mechanical eye that it uses for sight. Above the eye is a glowing blue device that is able to fire a laser that can range in strength, depending of 4539's reason for firing the laser. It has been observed to be able to cut through, at its max capacity, diamonds. SCP 4539 has also been observed to be sentient. It can communicate to others through Morse code, and carving letters into materials with its laser. It has been observed to have the ability to hack into computers, pick locks, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. 4539, when provided with no way to occupy itself, has shown to become highly irritable, and even hostile, trying to breach containment and attack anyone it comes across.

played by- Sirinterweb

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