Senji Kiyomasa

Name: Senji Kiyomasa


Played by: Senji Kiyomasa


Position:General Researcher and head of security

Qualifications:MD, Phd, extensive knowledge on melee and "armed" combat(uggghhhh)

Personal History: Keeps much of his personal history secret and prefers people not to try to talk about it.

Work Experience: Was a cop at the age of 20 but was kidnapped and taken to [REDACTED] by the unknown GOI at the time [REDACTED]. Was taken to a prison in what used to be Tokyo. He is currently a surgeon and head of security at the SCP foundation.

Description: 6'3, medium build, a tattoo above the eye that says "DSMK" for reasons unknown , eye patch on his right eye, and scars covering much of his body, mainly his forearms.

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