Item #: SCP-ES-026

Object Class: Safe Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, SCP-ES-026 remains beyond the reach of currently known groups of interest, including the Foundation. All efforts are to be focused towards a standard disinformation campaign coupled with the discouragement and sabotage of exploration and research missions that attempt to study interplanetary bodies close to the Sol.

Description: SCP-ES-026 is a humanoid entity located at a constant distance of approximately 40,000 km from the South polar region of the solar photosphere, perpetually locked to the rotation axis of the Sun. According to the last recordings of SCP-ES-026, it does not seem to orbit around the Sun, maintaining instead a continuous orbit around the center of the galaxy in the same way the star itself does.

The last survey and control data confirm that SCP-ES-026 is indestructible; it remains surrounded by a stream of solar wind it deflects at all times, making any direct observation difficult. However, to date SCP-ES-026 has barely altered its relative position to the Sun, despite having been hit by several solar flares.

Thanks to the combined effort of 43 years of successive surveying, the external appearance of SCP-ES-026 has been defined as a human female of undetermined ethnic group (with her entire bodily surface being of a matte black hue) and between twenty and forty years of age, with several markings or tattoos that, judging from its brightness, might be of metallic composition and of golden hue placed throughout its bodily midline. These symbols might correspond to and represent the Sun and the six innermost planets of the Solar System, since they are reminiscent of the medieval alchemical simbology (including, in this order, the symbol of gold in the subject's forehead, right underneath the hair line; the symbol of mercury over the jaws, circling both lips; the symbol of copper between the medial ends of its clavicles; [REDACTED] with the anatomically correct shape of a human heart placed over the location where a heart would be in a female human of the same apparent age and bodily proportions; the symbol of iron in the epigastric region; the symbol of tin in the hipogastric region; and, while the anatomy of this region makes its clear observation difficult, it has been hypothesized that the symbol of lead is also present and complete in the perineum region).

SCP-ES-026 keeps its ventral side permanently oriented towards the Earth. While it has been observed that, in certain circumstances, it looks towards other directions, SCP-ES-026 stares straight at the Earth a 98% of the time.

SCP-ES-026 is sensitive to all the electromagnetic spectrum, intelligent and able to communicate through multiple anomalous means, including but not limited to radio and laser communications interference. Up to date, SCP-ES-026 has demonstrated to be fluent in three languages (French, English and Spanish).

Addendum SCP-ES-026-01: Notable Movements of SCP-ES-026.

  • <13/12/1940> First recorded movement of SCP-ES-026. The entity, that had remained with both arms crossed up to this moment and its bodily axis parallel to the rotation axis of the Sun, raises an arm towards [REDACTED] in a collision course with Earth. After the impact, in an event that [REDACTED] and left more than one thousand and three hundred dead, SCP-ES-026 returned to its original position.
  • <22/09/1942> Second recorded movement of SCP-ES-026. The entity raises an arm towards [REDACTED], in a collision course with Earth. [DATA EXPUNGED] After containing the item, which is reclassified [REDACTED] SCP-ES-026 returns to its original position.
  • <██/██/19██> Third recorded movement of SCP-ES-026. The entity raises its right arm towards [DATA EXPUNGED]. Up to this date, the entity has kept one of its arms — shifting from one to the other as necessary — pointing in the same direction.
  • <01/03/1949> Seventh recorded movement of SCP-ES-026. The entity raises an arm towards an Amor class asteroid, that has adopted a collision course with Earth after being hit by a minor body that altered its original orbit. The Foundation uses a combination of several SCP objects to launch a remote-controlled interplanetary vehicle that acts as a gravitatory towline; this mission is announced a success in the 03/05/1951, moment in which SCP-ES-026 returns to its original position. Note: Surveying elements observed that the entity performed a motion that could have been a nod. Reclassification to Euclid filed and denied.
  • <13/12/1998> 103rd recorded movement of SCP-ES-026. The entity stops watching the Earth for thirty-four seconds, when it looks towards the Jovian system. Once this interval is over, SCP-ES-026 looks at Earth again.
  • <16/10/2003> Contact with SCP-ES-026 is achieved via the ██████-2 probe. SCP-ES-026 reclassified Thaumiel. See Addenda SCP-ES-026-02 and SCP-ES-026-03.

Addendum SCP-ES-026-02: Events of 16/10/2003.

Addendum SCP-ES-026-03: Events of 16/10/2003.

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