SCP-4338 "-A"

Played by: Raakshi

Item #: SCP-4338

Aliases: "Dash A", "the Pen Djinn"

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4338 is to be kept in a box with an external lock, with the key attached to the exterior. Interaction with the object requires Level-2 clearance. Basic retrieval procedures are permitted should the object break containment.

Description: SCP-4338's primary construct is a stone standing 10 cm high, decorated with a metal-coated avian skull, text of an unknown language, and deep grooves on the flat front face. The object is dark grey in color; a dark red liquid flows through the grooves from a reservoir at the top of the stone. SCP-4338 has been found to leave marks on surfaces without losing mass, the substance remains are similar in composition to bone charcoal.

When the stone or an object marked by the stone is held, an entity classified as "SCP-4338-A" becomes visible and tangible to the viewer. The entity appears to erupt from the stone, and claims that it is attached to its own pocket dimension within the stone.

The entity is a humanoid form standing an average of 1.65 m, apparently composed of the same material as SCP-4338, with transparent black flesh and a skeletal structure etched with glowing marks. SCP-4338-A possesses a spheroid skull, within which are three glowing red eyes in triangular formation. A white mask with features similar to those of humans, missing the lower jaw, rests on the face.

The entity can become intangible to any material composed primarily of organic matter, but the stone cannot. SCP-4338-A is believed to communicate telepathically, and is only audible to those who can see the entity. SCP-4338's speech has been described by researchers as "countless voices whispering at once".

When SCP-4338 is used to draw an image (denoted SCP-4338-B), the image will animate. The nature of the animation varies based on the original artist's emotions at the time, and will continue to reflect their current emotions until the image is destroyed. This same effect is achieved when the entity creates a drawing with any apparatus.

Upon initially being seen by an individual, SCP-4338-A will ask the subject if they "want the gift". Should they respond affirmatively, -A will ask if it can draw on the subject's skin. Answering affirmatively again will result in SCP-4338-A drawing a symbol on the subject's skin (using its finger as a stylus), which allows the entity to alter physical aspects of the being, such as the size, shape of individual body parts and color. None of these actions physically harm the subject, and they revert upon the symbol being washed off. Answering negatively twice cause SCP-4338-A to cease communication. The entity will not make the offer if observed by two or more individuals.

SCP-4338-A can also alter inanimate objects, but to a lesser extent. Only color and size may be changed, and a source of artificial light (other than -A's "eyes") must be shining on the symbol.


  • -A was discovered on a fairground that had been recently occupied by Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting. The entity claims to have been a performer there.
  • The entity is known to steal small items- pens, sticky notes, rubber-bands, etc.- from personnel.
  • -A does not respond to Foundation personnel when referred to by its designation number. It will only engage in conversation or follow direction if it is referred to as "Dash A".
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