SCP 666

Subject name: SCP 666
Alias: death, darkness, satan, the devil, fear, void, the void, the unknown, the unspeakable
Sex: unknown/none
Aperance: an ever shifting circle/flame of darkness/shadow!
This is one of the MOST dangerous NPS' we have, if not THE most dangerous! It's cell is at the east end of the facility! A clearly marked door, with a blessed cross at the middle, which leads to a hundred (100) meter long hallway, with blessed cross' are lined on the walls, with EXACTLY TWELVE (12) centimeters, between each cross, where only level 4 personel, and up, may enter! And behind a door with a large blessed silver cross, is the cell! It is to be 4x4, (to keep it at a distance from the workers/guards) and one (1) meter of reinforced titanium, with one (1) inch, of blessed silver! The cell is too be filled with holy water, AT ALL TIMES!

NO LESS THAN TWO (2) PERSONS, ARE TO ENTER THE HALWAY OR THE ROOM!! UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCS IS THE CELL TO BE OPENED, UNLESS BY THE EXPRESS PERMITION BY THE LEADER OF THE SCP ORGANICATION!!! The small window is too be 30x30 centimeters, and made of soundproof (as 6 employes where drived mad, and later killed themself, due to SCP 666 tormented them with voices in they're heads, talking in "dark spetch") plexieglass, with one way view, in case it would look back, which would surely be bad!

All who enters SCP 666's view room, must not look at it, as that lead too various symthoms, see "documented symthoms: SCP 666", and may NOT stay longer than five (5) minutes! And ALL must go trought a FULL PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST!

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