SCP-3532 - "Ulf" DRAFT

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Item #: SCP-3532

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-3532 is to be contained in a walled, open-air enclosure within Site-19, measuring 100x100 meters, containing a fresh water stream, natural prey to be restocked every two months, several trees, plentiful grass and plants. Under no circumstances is SCP-3532 to be kept inside during a full moon, as it becomes very aggressive and irritable, but not openly hostile during and afterwards. SCP-3532 is never to be let around chocolate, as it is very fond of it, and that it is poisonous to canines. Staff are never to address it as anything other than "the Great Wolf", or "Ulf". Staff are permitted to enter its enclosure with permission from site administration, due to its docile nature. As a precaution, no personnel are to be in SCP-3532's enclosure past 20:30 on a full moon


SCP-3532 stands at 2.3 meters and weighs 325 kilograms, is covered in dark brown and black fur and bright, almost glowing, yellow eyes, paws, a muzzle, digitigrade legs, claws, amongst other canine features. It usually walks upright, but has been known to go down on all fours when running. It possesses an English accent, although the exact region is difficult to place.

SCP-3532 is very friendly, polite and amiable in personality, possessing a strong a will to please, but has expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of mutual trust between it and the Foundation.


SCP-3532 has been commissioned for the stress-testing of prototype equipment, designed to stand up to immense force.

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Interviewer: Dr. ████
Interviewed: SCP-3532
summary: SCP-3532, was taken inside during a full moon, despite its pleas not to. At exactly midnight, SCP-3532 rammed his way through the wall, breaching containment. Re-containment was not necessary, as it quickly found its own way back to its enclosure, where it re-assumed the usual activity. This interview took place on the next morning, SCP-3532 was showing signs of exhaustion.

Dr. ████: SCP-3532, what exactly made you breach containment last night?

SCP-3532: You wouldn’t let me see the full moon, I need it.

Dr. ████: what exactly is it about the moon makes you so attached to it?

SCP-3532: The full moon, I don’t really know how to describe it, it’s been with me my whole life, every wolf needs it, but me, much more so. Some of the other wolves back in the day would call me “Moon Moon”, I never really fit in.

Dr. ████
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A typical full moon:

21:00: darkness falls, SCP-3532 sits at the east corner of his enclosures

21:30: SCP-3532 begins howling as the moon becomes fully visible.

21:35-21:50: SCP-3532's becomes silent as its eyes slowly [DATA EXPUNGED] and begin glowing bright yellow, with orange particles emitted from them, and begins to have extreme tremors.

22:00: SCP:3532 begins howling once more, in a frenzy, it seeks out and grabs the nearest live prey, in this case, a deer. It will keep it still and alive until midnight

24:00: at precisely midnight, SCP-3532 began ripping the deer open with its teeth, while it is still alive, then, when it is close to dead, it literally rips it's prey in half and slams the front half directly into the ground, headfirst. The back half is discarded and SCP-3532 will eat whatever it can of it, then begin sleeping on whatever is left until morning, the glow in its eyes and tremors stop within a few minutes

6:00: SCP-3532 wakes up and thoroughly washes itself off.

Note: as a precaution, as it is unclear if SCP-3532 will consider humans prey in this state, no personnel are allowed inside of its enclosure during this time.

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