Object #: SCP-3019

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3019 is to be contained in a standard H3-class humanoid containment cell with all windows removed and is not to be permitted to leave said cell without the express permission of the on-duty HACP1 Supervisor.
SCP-3019 is to be provided with one (1) large stereo system as well as music of its choosing. Additional furnishings, if requested, are to be approved by the HACP Supervisor and staff psychologist.2 SCP-3019 does not appear to require food, water, or sleep.

Description: SCP-3019 is a humanoid entity apparently made out of solid, jagged granite standing about ten feet tall. Said granite-like substance appears to be capable of flexing and bending as if it were living tissue. The entity is animate and intelligent with a friendly disposition and appears to be capable of comprehending speech, though as of yet it has not exhibited the ability to speak. Its general level of intelligence is estimated to be around that of a small child.

When SCP-3019 is exposed to any kind of musical recording, it will immediately begin to dance with remarkable coordination. Any intelligent being with SCP-3019 in its line of sight while the entity is in this state will begin to do the same, and will find itself unable to look away. SCP-3019 appears to be unaware of the potentially dangerous effects of this property.

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