Charachter Name: SCP-2905

Aliases: Subject Omicron, David Ivanovich

Played by: DrGamma

Object class: Euclid

Description: SCP-2905 is "Alpha version of Big daddy" (Bioshock game…i know) in a diving suit.
Former SCP Foundation scientist David Ivanovich who was caught from Chaos Insurgency during containment breach in 2008.No one knows his real identity except few personnel who survived the containment breach.

Abilities: Unlike Big daddy in Bioshock game, SCP-2905 does not have all that powers (plasmids etc.). The only ability is that he has superhuman strenght and a drill (like a big daddy). Even if it is trapped in a deformed body hidden by his Big daddy diving suit in his mind he is still a normal human being. Even if it does not want to hurt anyone sometimes it will enter into a rage state and will try to hurt or kill anyone nearby.

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