Schrodinger's Boy

Played By: BryxBryx

Item #: SCP-#

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-# is to be housed in a standard humanoid containment cell with a one-way mirror installed in the south wall. SCP-# should be monitored by at least one physically present researcher at all times. No electrical equipment is to be used in the containment of SCP-#. All equipment brought within 25 meters of SCP-#'s containment cell is to be subjected to thorough examination for any anomalous damage or weakening.

At this time, SCP-# has requested the following:

-Twenty seven (27) various books. Granted/Denied(See Document #-Beta for a full list of requested publications)
-A privacy screen. Denied.
-A bookshelf. Granted.
-Better food. Denied.

Description: SCP-# is an eighteen year old Caucasian male, originally from ████████, ██, U.S.A., capable of limited control over the laws of causality when unobserved. To elaborate, in any situation in which there is more than one possible outcome that cannot be reliably predicted, SCP-# is capable of selecting which outcome will result. This extends to causing sudden electrical failure in machines that have not been checked recently for damage, as well as the spontaneous appearance of harmful infestation in plant-based materials such as wood. Due to SCP-#'s inability to use its abilities in situations in which the outcome is proven, it is unknown whether these changes are instant, or whether they manifest at some point in the past to fit in with the changes.
SCP-# can affect the outcomes of anything within a 20 meter radius. It can only affect things that it is aware of. Dramatic or improbable outcomes require a significant mental effort on the part of SCP-#. Nearly anything more difficult than the manipulation of a coin flip or a deck of cards results in mental fatigue, and in more extreme cases may lead to permanent brain damage. These effects are cumulative and appear to heal more slowly than similar cases. SCP-# is unable to significantly affect the biological processes of animals, most likely due to its need to be aware of the object or event's location in physical space.

Capture Summary-#: SCP-# was discovered at the ███████ Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on ██/██/████. A Foundation agent embedded in the local population began to shadow it due to a statistically improbable high rate of wins at the blackjack and roulette tables. The agent reported the subject appearing more and more fatigued as the night progressed. Finally, the subject collapsed, unconscious, after scoring a perfect jackpot on a slot machine, and was apprehended by the agent. The subject was found to be in possession of:

-A fake ID of considerably high quality
-several hundred dollars in cash
-A library card detailing the subject's address and personal information
-A small square of brass with the name, "Remora" etched onto it. This square disappeared shortly after containment.
-The names of several casinos located on seperate sides of the city. Handwriting was found to be distinct from SCP-#.

((Since you ask, yes, this an SCP that I tried to make work on the site. At least I didn't actually post it.))

Superfluous Personal Information: SCP-#'s original name was Jason Remon. SCP-# stands at six feet two inches tall, has short, rough-cut black hair, and expressive grey eyes. SCP-# appears to enjoy silence, but maintains a moderately personable demeanor in the presence of others, except in cases in which it is reading. A small tattoo appearing to be a sign used by Members of the Group of Interest known as The Serpent's Hand is on the sole of its left foot. Questioning into this has led to severe non-compliance on the part of SCP-#, and resulted in two personnel deaths, one from a malfunctioning firearm and one from a sudden appearance of anthrax in the fabric of their clothing, as well as severe mental exhaustion on the part of SCP-#. In the interest of continued cooperation on the part of SCP-#, as well as the safety of personnel involved in containment, questioning involving the Serpent's Hand has been dropped for the time being.

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