Sascha Mëkivy

Commander Sascha Mëkivy, BlackStone Tÿkîtzre Liaison Group

Species: Human; Female
Biological Age: 27 Terran Years
Actual Age: [CLASSIFIED]
Family: [UNKNOWN]
Height: 2.28 Metres
Mass: 85.3 Kilogrammes

• Taugon DNA Restructuring, Class 3 (Enhanced Bone/Skin/Muscle Structure, Reduced Oxygen/Food/Water Requirements)
• Prosthetic Left Arm, Multi-Vector "Køtøvî"–Class
• Prosthetic Eyes, Omni-Spectra "Mÿtøvä"–Class

One of the few human graduates of the Körøvÿk Royal Military Academy, Sacsha possesses near-unsurpassed ability with bladed and other hand-to-hand weapons, and slightly-above-average skill with handguns and other small arms.
A volunteer for the KRM's [CLASSIFIED] initiative, Sascha underwent heavy reconstructive procedures in order to create the "optimal liaison" between BlackStone forces and the Körøvÿk Empire. These augmentations left her with selective omni-frequency optical replacements, highly enhanced hearing, muscles, bone structure, and skin, as well as boosting height, strength, and healing factor by varying amounts.
An honourary member of the Körøvÿk Military Command, Sascha has slight, but notable presence within the Taugon hierarchy, and is close acquaintances with all of the Khrÿvørÿk.


• Left prosthetic arm is tendril-like, capable of bending in any direction and exerting a punch with over 1250kPa, compared to the 450kpa of her right arm. Delivering the punch is a fist composed of eight tendril-like fingers, which, when combined Sascha's arm, training and anything sharp, make a lethal swordswoman.

• Due to augmentations, Sascha can survive in hard vacuum for approximately five minutes before losing consciousness, has skin comparable in strength to Type I body armour (stopping .22 and .38 rounds), with bones capable of supporting 1,651.9kPa. Maximum running speed is 51.4km/h, sustainable for ten minutes. Maximum lift strength is equal to 250kg.

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