New Character, Sarah Clay

Name: Sarah Clay

Age: 21

Affiliation: Serpent's Hand

Played By: LTaruLTaru

Physical Description: Sarah is about five and a half feet tall. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and rather pale skin, though she is naturally tan.

Personality: During her younger years she was extremely reclusive, due to a fear of others finding out of her abilities. This coupled with the strict ruled from her parents led to her often being the odd one out throughout most of her time in grade school.

However, she has grown far more sociable after joining Serpent's Hand. Sarah also has a noticeable love of birds, and she owns two parakeets and a dove.

Abilities: moderate telekinesis

Background: Sarah Clay was born on a sunny April day. She lived as a normal child until one day, sometime during the fourth grade, she realized she could make her pencil float. She excitedly hurried home and showed her parents, who were terrified. They made her promise to never do anything like that again, and especially never to show anyone. She followed their second rule, but not their first.

Sarah began practicing in the private after-school program every day (except Thursdays, because she had piano lessons). Soon she could move bigger and heavier things farther distances, and for longer periods of time. By the time she graduated high school, she could levitate most medium-sized objects with ease.

When she began college, Sarah finally broke her parents' second rule and got a job at a small bar as a magician. One day after she was done performing, she noticed a tall man in the back who did nothing but stare rather intently at her. (She later learned he was a GOC operative who had heard of a local magician who could do "real magic".) After she left, she noticed he was following her. Luckily, a member of the Serpent's Hand had also heard of Sarah, and took her to a Way before the operative could act.

Sarah now spends most of her time in the Library reading and practicing magic (she never sleeps there because the docents scare her). She acts as a Way-walker and enjoys traveling around the world through the ways, and exploring both the Library and the outside world.

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